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What is Squatex’s particular vision of hydrocarbon development in Quebec?

The management of Squatex firmly believes that it is imperative that the development of hydrocarbons in Quebec be done in accordance with the culture and traditions of Quebec, particularly in terms of consultation and social dialogue.

Indeed, this tradition of concertation, rooted in the history of Quebec, has demonstrated that it allows the establishment of sustainable national goals and substantial plans of government action.

The management of Squatex believes that it is always possible to agree on a plan of exploration and exploitation in Quebec that is reasonable, responsible in the face of the challenge posed by climate change while allowing an enrichment of businesses and the community.

When Jean-Claude Caron founded Squatex in 2001, he had the ambition to build a company that would mobilize the expertise developed in Quebec to enrich his fellow citizens. “I’ve been in the business community for over 30 years. I have always worked to enrich Quebecers, and I believe that the responsible exploitation of our natural resources could allow us to continue to move forward as a separate society, he said. It is to future generations that I think when I pursue the adventure with Squatex. We are able to grow in Quebec and we do not have to be afraid of money! »

In the end, Squatex’s attitude is one of collaboration with the Government and stakeholders, not a confrontation.It is more than time to move towards the exploration and exploitation of our natural hydrocarbon resources and thus be able to control and diminish our environmental impact on the planet. Hopefully we’ll be able to get there before it’s too late.

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