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Permits located in The St. Lawrence Lowlands permits can be separated into two blocks of landholdings.  The first is located east of Montreal over an area delimited by  Longueuil, St-Hilaire and Farnham to the south. The second block consists of a elongated strip which covers an area just south of Highway 20 between the previous block and Victoriaville. These exploration permits cover a total gross area of 224,933 hectares, of which SQUATEX owns 70% (157,453 net acres).

Following a joint exploration agreement signed with Canbriam Energy Inc in November 200, and the drilling by the later of a first well in summer 2009 (Farnham No.1), Canbriam acquired a 60% interest in the shale section between the surface down to the top Trenton over a 8,000 ha block that overlaps permits 2009RS 298 and 2009RS296.

The remaining interest in this block between the surface and the top Trenton is now SQUATEX 28% and  Petrolympic 12%. The deeper part of the block and the rest of the permits remains at SQUATEX 70% and  Petrolympic 30%.

Just before the start of the initial drilling program Farnham, Canbriam agreed in June 2009 to accelerate its decision to exercise the first option of the agreement in paying an additional $ 3.5 million ($2.45 million to SQUATEX and $ 1.05 million to Petrolympic) before 30 November 2009 and drill, complete or abandon two additional vertical wells in the Utica Formation and reach 30 meters in Trenton Formation before December 31, 2011 to earn 60% interest in a second 8000 ha block.

Thus, according to the signed agreement, Canbriam still maintains its other options to earn a 60% interest in an additional 24,000 ha within the allowed 2009RS296 and 2009RS298 permits by drilling up to six additional wells (vertical / horizontal) and by paying a total  amount of up to $ 13.5 million ($ 9.45 million to SQUATEX and $ 4.05 million to  Petrolympic) before December 31, 2011. The contract period and dates were extended to take care of delays caused by the government strategic environment study.

PermitsRenewalArea (Ha)
Subtotal224 933
2009RS28701/09/201220 871
2009RS28801/09/201217 990
2009RS28901/09/201220 909
2009RS29001/09/20127 248
2009RS29101/09/201222 447
2009RS29201/09/201218 827
2009RS29301/09/201214 580
2009RS29401/09/201221 664
2009RS29501/09/201219 316
2009RS29601/09/201220 339
2009RS29701/09/201216 342
2009RS29801/09/201224 400