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What are the environmental benefits of exploiting our own hydrocarbons in Quebec?

There would be significant environmental benefits to exploiting our own hydrocarbons in Quebec.

In a blog postpublished in December 2018, Jean-François Thibault, a Director at Squatex, says it is essential to have a lucid and pragmatic approach in order to make a successful energy transition. According to him, “… We will still need hydrocarbons for at least the next 40 or 50 years. Fossil and renewable energies will be met as long as the seconds have not completely replaced the first ones, which will have to be consumed less and less over the years.

We must therefore think of the transition in terms of energy mix, and not in terms of opposition between the different forms of energy.

Once we say that, the question is no longer whether we want to consume less hydrocarbons and invest more in renewable energies. On that, everyone agrees!

The question is more about where the hydrocarbons will come from for the next 40-50 years, because we are going to consume it! Whatever we think. »

If we exploit our own hydrocarbons, “… This would allow us to directly manage — by ourselves — the environmental impacts associated with the production of oil and natural gas that we consume.

The hydrocarbons act adopted by the Government of Quebec is among the most severe in the world.

If we were going to produce our hydrocarbons, it is obvious that it would be done in a much more responsible manner than in other jurisdictions. This means that the global environment would benefit from it.

It should also be noted that the environmental impacts associated with the transportation of oil and natural gas resources would be reduced, since we would produce locally what we consume.

Finally, to continue importing from elsewhere the hydrocarbons that we consume is only to shovel the environmental problem in the neighbour’s yard.

Is this really the way we want to act, as citizens of the world? ” he concludes.

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