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What are the economic benefits of exploiting our own hydrocarbons in Quebec?

There would be many economic benefits to exploiting our own hydrocarbons in Quebec. “Quebec currently imports 100% of the hydrocarbons it consumes. “It therefore sends abroad (in the United States and Algeria, in particular) all the profits related to the production of oil and natural gas”. says Jean-François Thibault, Director of Squatex, in a  blog post published in December 2018.

“It is amazing how we are able to tear our shirt to consume our own milk, but how we are slow to act in terms of consuming our own energy sources.

In one case, we want to “encourage the local workers”, in the other, it is as if this argument was not considered valid.

While consuming oil and natural gas for another 40-50 years, why not take advantage of the benefits of exploiting our own resources?” he concludes.

Importing our hydrocarbons is equivalent to exporting good paying jobs that could allow Quebecers to enrich themselves and support their families, especially in the country. In fact, Squatex is concentrating its efforts to develop its resources in the Lower St. Lawrence and Gaspésie as a priority.Quebecers are aware of these economic benefits. A Léger poll commissioned by the Montreal Economic Institute (MEI) has recently shown that 53% of Quebecers think it is better to use our own oil resources than to continue importing them.

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